Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red Shouldered Hawk Nest--Hatched?

Fred and I went to check on the hawk's nest yesterday. When we got there, we could hear and see a hawk at the nest, but by the time we had the scope set up, the hawk had flown the coop, er, nest. When we scoped the nest, we couldn't see any sign of a hawk remaining on the nest (picture below). This was the first time we hadn't been able to see at least a bit of an adult's head or tail sticking out. We were there about a half an hour, and neither hawk returned to the nest, but we did hear one or both come to the general area, call several times as if checking in, and then fly off. Could the eggs have hatched? And now both parents are hunting? We're going to go back today and check. Will keep you posted!
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