Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birding Topless

I know, another provocative title. My husband pointed out that I failed to mention the reason I was able to do so much birding yesterday while we drove is that we were in my Miata and the top was down. Great for birding! I highly recommend convertibles for all birders!


Anonymous said...

Do I detect a theme here? This blog will soon need an "R" rating!
As far as the birding topless thing goes, don't you think that could become a little distracting to the male of the species? I think I'll have to suggest it to my wife!

Larry said...

Betsy-You are baaaad!

Betsy True said...

Well, I know but I couldn't resist! I can't think of any more entendre, double or otherwise (are there non double entendre) so it's back to birding, which I haven't been able to do for a few days. I think today will be a hawk nest check. Lsst night, we heard our resident fox making a heck of a lot of noise. I should have recorded it! I think I maybe heard there was a second fox--maybe he or she has found a mate!

John L. Trapp said...

Well, we now have nude gardening, why not nude birding!

By the way, would you consider a reciprocal link to my blog? Thanks!