Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Naked Birding in the Car

Hah! Bet that got your attention. It should really read "Naked Eye Birding from the Car" but that wouldn't be as much fun. For those who get email subscriptions, I wonder if the word naked will get it filtered?

Anyway, we were on a road trip yesterday in Loudoun and Fauquier counties in Virginia, and I was birding on the go with no binocs (forgot 'em!!!!). Still, I had a pretty good day for car birds. Best was an American Kestrel, hovering over a field. It was a first for me in Virginia; we see them often in San Diego. Also: Canada geese, killdeer, great blue heron, red winged blackbird, mallards, mockingbird, American crow, common grackle, black vulture and turkey vulture soaring together, cardinal, barn swallow, house sparrow and two very bold catbirds at our starting point. My last best car bird, also in Loudoun County, was an Eastern Meadowlark last year. No pics today.

What's your best car bird?


Anonymous said...

Your title did draw my attention. I can imagine the logo for a nudist colony trying to attract birders, "Get Naked, Go Birding!" That was a good debriefing (yes, pun intended) you gave about your car list!

Larry said...

You stole my thunder when you said no pics today.

Betsy True said...


Sorry to disappoint you, LOL!

Betsy True said...

I like the slogan, Vern! Now we need to start the colony, LOL!