Monday, March 28, 2005

Blackbirds in Hibbing, MN, July 2004. These look like tricolor, but that's way out of range, so I guess they're not quite full grown redwinged.

Northern or Baltimore Oriole, Hibbing, MN. July 2004. Canon 10D. I still like calling them Baltimore Orioles, no matter what the current convention is.

I've added some older photos

I've gone through a lot of my pre-blog photos and added some as I want this to be a kind of "life-list" blog, not that I'm organized enough to really track a life list....

Carolina Wren, Alexandria, VA. Jan 2005. Canon 10D with my new 300mm lens I got for Christmas! The wren, one of my favorite birds, was sitting in the same crepe myrtle where I got the cardinal shots. Usually I see these on my deck in the backyard.

Acorn woodpeckers, Pacific Grove, CA. July 2002. Sony Mavica. Saw these as I was walking from Asilomar State Park to our hotel. They are so cool looking!

Baby ruby throated hummingbirds, Unionville, PA. July 2002. Sony Mavica. This nest was above a friend's swimming pool, and apparently was not the first year the nest had been used.

Northern Cardinal, Alexandria, VA. Dec 2004. One of the babies (see previous photo) grown up. The crepe myrtle looked like it was decorated for Christmas with five bright red male cardinals perched in it.

Fledgling Northern Cardinal, Alexandria, VA. June 2004. We watched these babies hatch from a nest in the crepe myrtle in the front yard, and felt like proud parents as we saw them take their first flights. Most of them seem to still be here this spring, checking out the crepe myrtle as a potential nesting site.

Redwinged Blackbird in flight. Huntley Meadows Park, April 2004. I just liked this picture.

Roughwinged Swallows, Huntley Meadows Park, April 2004. Canon 10D.

White-breasted nuthatch. Chancellorsville Battlefield, Spotsylvania National Military Park, VA, May 2004. Several of these flitty little birds were feeding on the tree above our picnic lunch.

Ruby throated hummingbird, Alexandria, VA. May 2004. Canon 10D. Taken at my deck feeder. I love watching these little acrobats! Gotta put the feeder out soon.

Sora, Huntley Meadows Park, Alexandria, VA, April 2004. Canon 10D. Huntley Meadows is one of the hot birding spots in northern Virginia. I went with birder friend Blake Sullivan especially to see this and other birds that had been reported at HM.

Black-headed Gull. Woolacombe, UK. September 2003. Sony Mavica.

Western Grebe. San Diego, CA. March 2002. Sony Mavica.

Black-throated Sparrow. Anza-Borrego State Park, CA. Feb 2002.

Osprey, Alexandria, VA. May 2002. Sony Mavica. This nest was right next to a parking lot between the George Washington Parkway and the Potomac River, south of Alexandria on the way to Mount Vernon.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Alexandria, VA. Feb 2002. Sony Mavica. Took this at our backyard suet feeder.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A flotilla of Ring necked Ducks. Riverbend Park, VA. March 2005

Ring necked Duck, Riverbend Park, VA. March 2005. This was a new bird for me. We saw at least five of these floating downstream.

Eastern Bluebird. Riverbend Park, VA. We saw more than one bluebird hanging around near a bluebird house.

Virginia Bluebells. Riverbend Park, VA. The bluebells were just beginning to pop out.

Bufflehead. Riverbend Park, VA. March 2005.

Double-crested cormorant. Riverbend Park, VA. We flushed this cormorant several times on our hike.

Downy Woodpecker. Riverbend Park, VA. In addition to this Downy, we saw an eastern bluebird, five ringnecked ducks, several bufflehead, a double crested cormorant, chickadees, and the ubiquitous Canada geese and mallards.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Travelling through Nebraska, huge flocks of migrating geese would fly by. They would look like whisps of smoke from a distance, then resolve into geese. We saw many v's of Canada geese, and this huge flock of snow geese.

Redhead, Cheyenne, WY. March 2005. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY to look at the historic frontier town. At a small park where a "Big Boy" locomotive was on display, I saw a male and a femal Redhead, along with a lot of mallards, Canada geese and an "old Gray Goose."