Sunday, May 13, 2007

Osprey at Dyke Marsh, VA

This osprey perches in this area quite often, probably the male associated with a nearby nest. He got into quite a little duel with a crow that was pestering him, then returned to the perch. Digiscoped with my Pentax W20 handheld to the scope, as was the video immediately following these two shots. Be sure to watch the video!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture and video of the Osprey. They are such wonderful birds of which I see far too little of.

Betsy True said...

Thanks, Vern. It's not a great video, but I had such fun shooting it through the scope and then learning that I could post it to the blog, that I couldn't resist.

Come on down to DC--we'll show you LOTS of osprey!

Larry said...

Great job with the video and the pictures!-how do you do a video-where do you get info on it?

Betsy True said...

Larry--Google video seems to work best for me. If you've got a new blogger account, you have a gmail account and you will be able to go to and upload your video. Then you'll see a button to the right of your blog that says "Email Blog Post to Myspace" Click on that and it should be self explanatory after that. Hope this helps.

Larry said...