Sunday, May 13, 2007

Great Falls, VA on Saturday, May 12

We were over at our friend Peter's house in Great Falls, VA for a car club event, and I managed to squeeze a few good birds out of the afternoon, which was also great from the car club point of view. A pair of great crested flycatchers were hanging out behind Peter's Garage Mahal. Here's one I digiscoped waaay up in a tree. The pair flew down and Fred and I watched as one sat on the top of a holly bush while the other scooped up as much fine mulch from beneath the tree as it could. Then they both flew off, but we couldn't see where they might be nesting. Digiscoped with my Pentax W20 against my Swarovski 65HD scope.

In addition to the fine flycatcher show, I got a nice look at a pileated woodpecker and an immature bald eagle flying overhead. Three really good birds.
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