Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monday Morning Bird Walk at Huntley Meadows

OK, I'm a day late posting. Deal with it. It was a brisk morning (44 degrees when I left the house) but sunny and the weekend long winds seemed to have died down for the most part. I got up bright and early for the Huntley Meadows Bird Walk. Well, I was a little late because I waited for the temp to get over 40. But it was a nice morning. One of the first birds we saw was this common yellowthroat who posed for awhile off on the edge of the marsh.

Next we had an indigo bunting who really posed for us. I had seen an indigo bunting at Huntley the day before, on my way home from the Dyke Marsh walk.

It looked like the eastern phoebes were building a nest under the boardwalk. This one kept flying under and then coming back out to perch on one of the tree stumps in the marsh.

The above three shots were taken with my Canon 10D with 300mm lens.
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Larry said...

They may be called common Yellowthroats but their sure is nothing common looking about them-