Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dyke Marsh Bird Walk Report

A cool and breezy day at Dyke Marsh. Kurt Gaskill led us on a very productive walk, though we had to work on it. We didn't spend too much time on the river--too windy and not much happening. Here's a picture of an osprey nest on a tug anchored near the Wilson Bridge (see Welcome to Maryland sign above the tug).

This great crested was neatly posed, but in the nature of birds, took off just as I snapped the pic.

In addition to the birds above, (both photos digiscoped with my Pentax W20 through my scope) we saw:
osprey (pictures to be posted later)
spotted sandpiper
downy woodpecker
orchard oriole
baltimore oriole
great blue heron
catbird (heard)
double-crested cormorant
barn swallow
chimney swift
yellow billed cuckoo (pictures below taken with my Canon 10D with 300mm lens)
yellow rumped warbler
black throated blue warbler
black throated green warbler (thanks to the fellow birder who pointed this out to our group!)
blue gray gnatcatcher
carolina wren (heard--really loudly!)

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