Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Featherstone NWR

Fred and I joined a group walk at the Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge. It isn't normally open to the public, but the Friends of the Potomac River Refuges arranged a special trip. It was a pleasant walk through the woods, mostly on the old 19th century railroad bed that ran through that part of Prince William County.
There were tons of jacks-in-the pulpit.

The view from the beach.

Charlie gave a talk about the history of the area.

We saw and heard a lot of birds. A partial list includes great crested flycatcher, bald eagle, double crested cormorant, chickadee, cardinal, prothonatory warbler, great blue heron, rough winged swallows, tree swallows. It was a very pleasant walk, although there was a LOT of poison ivy!

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