Friday, April 13, 2007

Red Shoulder on the nest

My husband and I were walking through a small regional park very near our house when we heard a hawk calling. We stopped and looked up in time to see a hawk flying to a branch. We looked around some more and spotted this nest. We backed away a bit to give the hawk a comfort zone and the hawk flew back to the nest. As we watched, a hawk already on the nest shifted a bit. I had neither binos nor scope and rain was threatening, so we came home. I returned the next morning with fellow birder (as if we have comparable skill levels--not!) Paula Sullivan and I got this digiscoped shot of the nest. The hawk's tail is visible in the left hand "v" and the hawk itself is looking at us from under the crossed branches in the righthand crook. While we were there the other hawk flew in, perched on a nearby branch and then flew back out, presumably hunting.

We'll be back!

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