Saturday, April 14, 2007

Red Fox in the backyard

The red fox we saw on our deck last week was back in the yard today. Fred saw him and called me to the window. Here are pictures of the fox hunting in our brush pile in the back. (The brush is there as a sanctuary for small animals, and apparently it works.) The first picture is what we first saw when we looked out--the fox has its eye on something.
He's stalking it.
Getting ready....
Did he get it?
Apparently not!
He then trotted right by the house and into the front yard. This is enroute. Do foxes do the foxtrot?
He was trotting left to right up our street when a car came and he took off running like a shot back to the safety of the woods.
Well, it wasn't a bird, but it sure was fun!


Larry said...

Awesome photos! I love watching red foxes but don't often get to see them.

LoieJ said...

Wow, fun shots. I like the pounce.

Anonymous said...

We also have recently seen some red foxes venturing across our backyard and have been in our house for 20 years and this is a first. What a thrill to see these beautiful animals.