Friday, April 27, 2007

Hawks and Clean Up

Fred and I went to check on the hawk's nest (no pics today). It was a successful trip; the hawk was still on the nest, and while we were there, the other hawk flew in, calling loudly and then perched briefly in a nearby tree before flying back out again. It never actually went to the nest, and wasn't carrying anything. We speculated that it was checking in, like any good spouse. The leaves are coming in, but there still seems to be some good gaps for looking at the nest. We'll see how it goes.

While we were waiting to see what happened next, we started policing the area a bit. It's a local park, and even though there are trash cans everywhere, people tend to litter, so we picked up some trash and then walked over to the little creek (crick as my PA grandma would say) that runs through it to remove the bicycle and the shopping cart we had spotted there on a previous trip. The bicycle needed some work so Fred propped it up next to a trash can. The cart was in great shape, so we decided to wheel it over to the store (a Safeway), about a half mile away. Since we had the cart, we cleaned up as we went. We ended up with an automobile tire, a complete bag of trash, 30-40 bottles and cans and other assorted trash, all dumped along the little path and stream through the park. Sheesh! We snuck the trash into several dumpsters behind the shopping center, despite the "no public dumping" signs (What else were we going to do with it?) and returned the cart to the Safeway. So we did our Earth day bit.


Larry said...

That's great to pitch in and clean up Betsy.Good for you.-Doing that was better than any pic.

Betsy True said...

Thanks, Larry!