Monday, April 30, 2007

Deck Birds today

I still had my digiscoping setup set up. Got a couple of pictures at the feeder. The first-of-year catbird sighting. Note the goldfinch landing on the closeline in the background of the first catbird picture. Is the catbird on the catbird seat?

Clicked the shutter just as the downie turned to fly away with his prize.
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LoieJ said...

Again, great shots. What are you putting in that feeder? It doesn't look familiar. I just put out my thistle feeder today because I saw the goldfinches last week.

I heard cardinals when I was at my mom's house in Wisconsin, but we don't have them here. Too bad.

Betsy True said...

Oops, meant to say "clothesline" in the narrative!

Larry said...

You know-Catbirds drive me crazy when I'm biridng some times but I love them in my yard.-nice photos!