Sunday, May 04, 2008

Monticello, VA

Fred and I visited Monticello, near Charlottesville, VA. This was the home of Thomas Jefferson, 1st Secretary of State, 2d Vice President of the US and 3rd President, as the guide informed us.
While the guide talked to us about the "nickle view", above, the view of Monticello that used to be on the nickle (what will they say now?) and the dependencies that were built with underground passages so that the slaves and others could go about their work without going outside, I was easily distracted by the Baltimore Oriole singing away in the tree next to us.

No other birds of note, but this was the first Baltimore Oriole of the year for me! It was a gray and gloomy afternoon and quite windy, so I'm happy with the photo. Amazed it's this near to being in focus!

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LoieJ said...

I love the orioles! We often get a pair for just a week. I can't seem to get them to come to an orange or grape jelly as I've heard that they do. I don't know if they nest around here or are just passing through. Wish I knew.