Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Great Marsh Trail

Fred and I went down to the Great Marsh Trail on Mason Neck on Tuesday to check out the eagle's nest we saw last month. Unfortunately, the trees had leafed out far enough that we could barely see the nest, let alone what was in it. We didn't see any adults sitting around the tree, nor did we see any other raptors. No osprey, no red-tailed hawk, no harriers. It was pretty dead. We did see this rough greensnake hanging out around the deck area. I've seen them before in trees at Huntley Meadows. It was very docile, and according to the field guides, do not bite. It didn't move at all when I touched its back. In addition to the snake, we saw many male and female orioles, the ubiquitous great blue heron, a brilliant scarlet tanager and a common yellowthroat, however none photographable!

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