Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Huntley Meadows Part 1

It was an incredibly gorgeous morning at Huntley Meadows. I woke up early, so decided to go try to find the rails (Virginia and King) that have been tantalizing people at Huntley. Below, a female redwinged blackbird nibbles at a cattail.

Lesser yellowlegs were all over the place.

Also least sandpipers (below) and solitary sandpipers, though I didn't get any good pics of the solitary.

Two American Bitterns flew in. I saw this one doing his stick impression. For better Bittern pics, go here.
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Larry said...

Those bitterns are sneaky birds.-I've had them right in front of me without even seeing them at first.-You saw some nice birds!

Betsy True said...

What you can't see from the picture is how far away this was--clear on the other side of the pond. It turned out better than I expected....