Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Sometimes the best birds are just down the street...after a morning bushwacking in the parklands near my house, we were returning home having had our fill of flickers, morning doves and sparrows when we saw this yellowbellied sapsucker (thanks Renee!). I set up my scope and got this pic with my little Pentax through the scope.

Afterwards, we went to another little park and then to the Jackson Abbott wildlife reserve. All told, we saw the following:

Two red shouldered hawks near the park where we watched the nest last spring, yay!
A great look at an eastern towhee with a possible nest, just in the neighborhood.
And, at Jackson Abbott:
a flock of cedar waxwings
yellow rumped warbler
redwinged blackbirds
great blue heron
green winged teal
swamp sparrow
song sparrows
canada geese (of course)
a swan, juvenile, probable tundra?
black vulture flying overhead
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