Monday, January 28, 2008

Jackson Abbot Wildlife Refuge

I had a great dusk visit to Jackson Abbott. It was just ducky! (I know you're groaning!)
We had a seven duck day! (7 kinds of ducks, not just 7 ducks, LOL!)
1. Two male hooded mergansers and a female. One of the males is shown here with the ubiquitous Canada geese.

2. A wood duck pair.

3. The Northern Shoveler swam right by this pair of gadwall.

4. A better view of the gadwall male.

In addition to the ducks pictured, there were also Mallards (of course), a couple Pintail and many green-winged teal (ducks #5, 6, 7).

And of course, a great blue heron and a few ring billed gulls. The Tundra swan is pictured below.
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PA-Birder said...

Welcome Back!
Where have you been?
Good to see you are out taking picture of birds again.

Larry said...

You're back!-great!