Saturday, April 23, 2005

Intermediate Birding Class, Huntley Meadows

Intermediate Birding Class, Huntley Meadows Park, Alexandria, VA. I went on a birding class & walk this morning in the western part of Huntley Meadows. Here, our guide Larry checks one of the bluebird boxes for which he is responsible. On the walk, I saw a yellow rumped warbler, goldfinches, several downy woodpeckers, several blue gray gnatcatchers and a ruby crowned kinglet, though we never saw the ruby crown. The group saw eastern towhee, pine warbler, ovenbird, and house wren. The birds seem to always move before I could find them with my binoculars. Our guide also heard red eyed vireos. We heard many red-bellied woodpeckers. It was a real education at birding by ear. Also, of course, red-winged blackbirds, snowy egret and Canada geese were in the central wetlands (which is not so wet now.)

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