Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Elijo Lagoon

Fred and I went out for a picnic lunch at San Elijo Lagoon. From the Nature Center, there's a nice boardwalk out into the lagoon. I saw three white pelicans here last year. This year, the birding was quiet, although we did see an osprey, a white-tailed kite, several great egrets, a great blue heron, a pie-billed grebe, several bufflehead, a Northern Pintail, several green-winged teal, several double-crested cormorants, a northern harrier, american goldfinches and house finches, an Anna's hummingird, and the cinnamon teal and gadwell pictured below. I was particularly pleased to get this good a pic of the teal, as it was most uncooperative, deep in the reeds. I had to manually focus. Both pics with my Canon 10D and 28-300mm zoom lense as I forgot my digiscope attachment.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Betsy, I was surfing to find a bird list of Mission Bay and I found your site. I am staying in an RV at Campland on the Bay. I have really enjoyed your photos and will check the birds I see here to your photos.
I live in Ontario, Canada, on Long Point Bay, another great birding area. I have a blog also. My husband and I went to Peru and the Galapagos in October for my retirement trip. The bobbies there were amazing.