Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Digiscoping Class

I took a Digiscoping Class throught the Bird Festival. It began at 9 AM. We boarded a bus and headed out to a few nearby places to bird and do hands on practice and experimenting. Two people from Swarovski Optics led the groupl. It was great. We shot lots of pictures, learned a lot about our cameras and scopes, and saw some neat birds. Here and in the following posts are the best of the day
Brants. This was one of the first pictures I took, and I got much better, I think, as the day progressed.

Royal Terns. These guys were hanging out with the Black Skimmers, below. Again, an early picture, but doing better.

Black Skimmers. Getting better.

Red head and female lesser scaup. This was the best of my red head pictures. The depth of field is very narrow with digiscoping, and I was having trouble getting him in focus as he was swimming quite a bit. The pictures in subsequent posts were later and I was getting much better! I especially enjoyed getting the good burrowing owl picture. If you look at earlier posts, you'll see the burrowing owl picture I wwas able to get before!

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