Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dyke Marsh

Didn't have a card in my camera !!!!!!!!!!! so didn't get any photos, but had a great morning birding Dyke Marsh on the weekly walk (Sunday morning, 8AM--meet at the Belle Haven Parking lot). It was a beautiful warm sunny morning. No new birds for me, but a lot of nice birds. I had to leave before we did the whole walk, so I'm sure they saw much more:
I saw:
bald eagles
great blue herons
great egrets
osprey (they put on a fantastic display!
tundra swan (very distant; I'd have to take the word of the guides on this one)
double crested cormorants
junco (rare in the area; apparently they require connifers to roost and there are no connifers there)
horned grebe
tree swallows
turkey vulture
song sparrow
mourning dove
brown headed cowbird
eastern towhee
downy woodpecker
american goldfinch
hairy woodpecker

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