Monday, June 16, 2008

Robins at Wisp

Last Thursday, we were standing at the portico to go into the restaurant at Wisp, a ski resort in Deep Creek Lake, MD, when a bird shot past us, right by our heads. We looked up, and on a cross beam right above us was this robins nest! I'd never seen a robin's nest in such a public place. The two young robins had both left the nest by the time the weekend was over.

I thought I'd get to see some really neat mountain birds while we were up there in the Alleghany Mountains. The first morning we saw:
American Crow
House Sparrow

Later we added:
Common Grackle
House Finch

We did eventually add:
Song sparrow
Chipping sparrow (they were everywhere!)
Green heron (it was fishing in the ponds every morning.

So the birding was not really exciting, but we had a great time with the family, white water rafting on the man-made course, very cool! and riding the mountain coaster.
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