Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eagle Festival I

My sister-in-law Peg and I attended the annual Eagle Festival at nearby Mason Neck State Park. We had a pleasant time, checking out various booths and doing a little birding while we waited for the announced release of a wild eagle that had been rehabilitated at the Wildlife Center of Virginia. After the release, we got to go to see a heronry site; I'll post pictures of that later.

Ed Clark, president of the center, removes the eagle from the carrier. It was a mature bald eagle that had been found by some people picking mushrooms. It had been shot. Ed said it was rare these days finding an eagle that had been shot; more likely they are sick or injured in some other way.

Ed hold the eagle while the gentleman in the blue hat (can't remember who he was) removes the bumpers from the eagle's wings. The bumpers are the things that look like bandages. They are to protect the eagle during transport in the cage. Note the heavily padded glove Ed is wearing.

The eagle is ready to be free. Ed: "Feathers are harder than they look!"

Ed did the rounds of the crowd so we could get a close look at a wild bald eagle.
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Ed Clark said...

Hi Betsy, I'm glad you could be there for the eagle release. I have released dozens of eagles during my 25 years in wildlife medicine and rehabilitation, but every one is unique, and all are special. The bird we released on Saturday was no exception.

I wonder if you would consider sharing your photos of the release and other aspects of our participation in the event with the Wildlife Center? Thanks in advance.

Ed Clark, President
Wildlife Center of Virginia

Adam said...

Betsy... I work at the Wildlife Center and we would love to have a copy of your photos. Is this possible? Please let me know.

Thanks so much. Adam