Monday, June 04, 2007

Northern Cardinal on Nest

Here's a picture from today--the female sat on the nest for several minutes at a time and would leave for several minutes at a time. I was able to get a few good pictures of the nest as the leafy branches were wet from yesterday's day-long rain. As they dried, they rose and blocked our view of the nest by the end of the day.
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Anonymous said...

Nice close up. I like the coloration of the female Cardinal just as much as the male. It's not as bright but there is more variations in the plumage.

Larry said...

Betsy-You are good with the nest observations.-The only nests that I have noted are in the middle of giant shrubs.-unseen.

Betsy True said...

I've been lucky this year, finding nests! I told my husband, this is the year of the nest!

Betsy True said...

You're right, Vern. The female is lovely. It's been fun to watch her so closely. I have my scope set up focussed right on the nest so I peak at her frequently. My husband still likes the year the cardinals built a nest right outside our bedroom window. We could look at them without any optics at all! Sadly, we had to take the holly bush out; the new nest is in a crepe myrtle about fifteen feet from the house.