Friday, March 31, 2006

Font Testing

This is a test of font colors. I'm trying out different ones. The one I like best will be the font color that I change all my posts to.
This is gray text.
This is black text.
This is red text. I'm sure this is hideous but I thought I'd try it
This is sort of a burgundy.
This is gold.
This is hot pink, hideous too, I'm sure.
This is dark green.
As I write this, (in dark green), it's on a white background, so I won't be able to tell
(in sort of a poopy brown) until I publish how it shows up against my background.
This is sort of a dark blue violet.
This is navy blue.
This is very pale blue.
This is sort of creamy.
This is white, which I believe is the original color and I can't see at all as I type this. LOL!
This is a very dark burgundy.

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